We Change the way you feel about your skin.

Our products were created to replace traditional american skin care. Specially formulated with gentle, raw and fair trade ingredients that heal instead of irritate.

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Meet Maka, Our Charity Partner

She is President of MTC Educate a Girl Inc. Also a sophomore in high school, her non-profit supports girls in rural Zimbabwe. The organization enables young women through tuition, soccer and education(health, child abuse and early marriages.)

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Cress Spring Body Care has 4 defining principles we use to create amazing products by hand in Wisconsin :

1. Effective | Clinical scientific review, curiosity and results shape our offerings that heal your skin.

2. Luxurious | Self-indulgence with value, beautiful skin feels good and your skin will want more.

3. Gentle | Product formulation without chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, additives, artificial fragrances and preservatives. 

4. Sustainable | We use organic, wild harvested and fair trade raw ingredients. Specialty Miron glass packaging is recyclable and preserves our products with UV light instead of preservatives.

Growing up on the beach in So Cal with no thought of skin care set me up for serious consequences. At 40, in desperation, I started trying everything with great disappointment. Now, 30 years later, after 7 months using only the Nourish Face Cream my skin is renewed and alive again.


I started using this a few months ago, I had some kind of skin infection. After daily use i have had no reinfection. I am amazed, every time i put this stuff on I am grateful. A effective product to solve my problem, thank you.


Have been using this Lavender Hydrosol all summer long --- no less than multiple times per day and night. It's the best during the heat of the summer and helps to relax at bedtime. Also, great for the skin if overexposed to the sun. Super thankful it's available in our area. Thank you!


Your Friends will wonder what changed.

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