Oily and Sensitive Skin Bundle

Oily and Sensitive Skin Bundle

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Purify Face Cream is combined with our Pearl Rose Cleanser and Mask and Sweet Melissa Hydrosol for combination, oily and acne prone sensitive skin.  They work together to heal the skin by giving it the nutrients it needs, while treating blemishes, clarifying the skin and balancing sebum production.  There are no harsh ingredients and your skin will be nourished and hydrated.

Purify is a powerful, healing face cream that is gentle and effective for treating and nourishing combination, oily and acne prone skin, including sensitive skin.  The combination of oils and butters will calm and soothe inflamed skin, while clarifying, balancing and detoxifying-moisturizes, yet prevents further break outs and build up.  Purify's high anti-oxidant content will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and aid in skin renewal.

Pearl Rose Cleanser and Mask is a gentle and effective exfoliator and mask.  It draws out impurities, cleanses, refreshes and livens your skin without agitating sensitive skin.  

Our Sweet Melissa Hydrosol is blissful, uplifting, comforting and soothing.  Great for all skin types, especially combination, oily and sensitive skin.  It calms inflammation, nourishes, balances and hydrates.  Sweet Melissa is lemony, slightly sweet and floral.         


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