Nourish Face Cream
Nourish Face Cream
Nourish Face Cream

Nourish Face Cream

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Designed for Dry, Dry/Damaged and Dry/Sensitive Skin, Including Mature Skin

Nourish face cream is made from pure, raw, cold pressed oils filled with antioxidants that fight against aging, dryness, sun exposure, wrinkles, and itchy, irritable skin. This formula has been designed to deeply penetrate the skin, absorbing quickly without a greasy residue. Free of chemicals, pesticides, binders, waxes and harmful preservatives.  

Cupuacu butter is a wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing butter, with a low melting point giving this moisturizer a creamy texture and helps protect the skin from exposure to the elements including protection from UV damage.  Acai oil is prized for it's immense amount of anti-oxidants and high nutrient content, adding incredible anti-aging benefits, and is especially great for dry and/or sensitive skin.  Rosehip fruit and seed oil is pressed from the whole fruit, retaining phytonutrients from both the seed and pulp.  This lovely reddish/pink colored oil reinvigorates skin cells that produce collagen and elastin leading to increased firmness and elasticity of the skin.  Rose hip fruit oil is also anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing.  Neroli essential oil is an age old remedy reviving the skin at a cellular level, helping to heal wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

Directions:  After cleansing skin, gently smooth a half pearl size of face cream into skin, avoiding the eyes.  

Most lotions are mostly water, while these are pure and potent oils: a little goes a long way.

All Organic Ingredients: +Cupuacu Butter, +Kokum Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, +Acai Oil, +Acai Butter, +Rosehip Fruit and Seed Oil, +Argan Oil, Essential Oils of Geranium, Neroli, Helichrysum and Vitamin E

+Fair Trade/Sustainable

MironViolet Glass:  Preserved by glass, not toxins.

.7oz (19.8ml)


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