Dry, Dry/Sensitive, Dry/Damaged Skin Bundle

Dry, Dry/Sensitive, Dry/Damaged Skin Bundle

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Nourish Face Cream is combined with our Pearl Rose Cleanser and Mask and Lavender Hydrosol to pack in anti-oxidant rich ingredients to give your skin the nutrients it needs to heal.  Amazing for all dry skin types, this combo will remove dead skin build up, refresh and liven your skin while deeply nourishing to restore elasticity and alleviate dryness.  

Nourish Face Cream is made from pure, raw, cold pressed oils filled with antioxidants that fight against aging, dryness, sun exposure, wrinkles, and itchy, irritable skin. This formula has been designed to deeply penetrate the skin, absorbing quickly without a greasy residue. 

Pearl Rose Cleanser and Mask is gentle and effective, this lovely cleanser will draw out impurities, cleanse, refresh and liven your skin. 

Lavender Hydrosol is calming, balancing, refreshing and relaxing.  Great for all skin types, especially sensitive, irritated or sun-burn.  Lavender Hydrosol hydrates, balances, calms and soothes.  Honey sweet, softly floral with herbal undertones. 

Free of chemicals, pesticides, binders, waxes and harmful preservatives.                                






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